Legendary Houston landmark Magic Island set to reopen

HOUSTON — Like a legendary Houdini trick, a once-famous Houston landmark is reappearing after going dark for a decade.

Voila! Magic Island is coming back!

In its heyday the Southwest Freeway venue was truly a magical place hidden in an Egyptian-style tomb hosting magic shows, dinner and dancing— and all sorts of thrills!

Designed by a Paramount Pictures engineer from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," Magic Island had something for everyone.

The Island's magical memories include performers like Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Magic Island's distant cousin venue, The Magic Castle, has long been an iconic structure in Hollywood, but the show here became a deserted island after a string of misfortunes.

"The vandals took everything out of here of any worth," Magic Island's business manager Sue Smith lamented.

The Island was once a crown jewel in H-town— the ultimate destination to experience a little taste of Vegas and Tinseltown— all under one roof.

"We were always really, really crowded and enjoyed it," Smith said.

But Hurricanes Ike and Harvey practically made Magic Island disappear forever.

And the ravages of time, looters and graffiti have really done a number on the once beloved building.

So, how on Earth will they make this ancient-appearing sarcophagus rise again?

Crews are hard at work bringing the building back to life.

"A lot of priceless things are broken, just gone," Smith explained. "So, we're striving to bring back Magic Island as it was, but maybe with a twist or two to make it a little bit better."

Like the old saying goes, "just when you're about to give up is when the magic happens."

Houstonians can expect the magic to return as early as mid-November.

Click here for full details at the new Magic Island website.

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