Harris County first responders join county officials to push for Saturday’s bond election

HOUSTON — Time to flood the polls!

The Harris County bond election happens Saturday, and the county's first responders from Harvey are backing this bond.

"This is a life safety issue, and these ladies and gentlemen saw it all first-hand," Harris County Precinct Two Commissioner Jack Morman said. "So, I just urge you— go out and vote if you haven't already."

"We don't want to ever see another Harvey again," Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said. "Frankly, if we get another 50-inch rain that's always going to be a problem. That's a lot of water. But this bond issue is going to protect a lot of people in the future, and so it's important that we go forward with this bond, And that's why we're encouraging everybody to vote for it."

With the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey as a stark reminder, the bond election is the voters' chance to weigh in on the county's $2.5 billion bond to improve the Harris County Flood District.

"They'll be setting up typically on Friday evening so that they're ready for voters first thing at 7 a.m. on Election Day," Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart explained.

Voters who are unsure of where their proper polling location is can contact the county clerk's office or click here.

Like the storm behind it, his vote is a big one so make sure your voice gets heard!