Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression in Third Ward, but the GOP says a Democrat actually broke the rules

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HOUSTON - They say all politics are local-- and locally, things are getting pretty political in the Third Ward over allegations of voter suppression!

"And over the last 48 hours, it is evident that there needs to be enormous diligence and vigilance on the question of protecting the rights of voters to vote," Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee demanded.

Earlier this week, NewsFix reported how some voters in the Third Ward are receiving notices from Harris County about voter registrations being suspended until voters provide proof of their residence to the county in order to vote in coming elections.

It's all part of a Republican-led challenge in the Texas Election Code allowing registered voters in Harris County to challenge the registration of other voters.

Republicans say the challenge made in Third Ward was for addresses affecting both Democrats and Republicans, so particular voters are not being targeted.

"In fact, Democrats weren't targeted. It was all over the county," registered voter Shelly DeZevallos declared. "I'm a Republican precinct chair, and actually I had my voter registration suspended and had to get it taken care of."

But that's not what Democrats believe.

They claim this is about voter suppression and targeting minority voters in particular.

"This is a law that says a neighbor that does not like you, someone you got into an argument with, someone who does not like your particular background-- your religion, your ethnicity, your views-- can challenge you and challenge your registration," the congresswoman said.

Some believe the challenge law even discriminates against the homeless since they have no proven place of residency.

But Republicans say the Democratic voter registrar for Harris County-- Ann Harris Bennett-- 'jumped the gun' and did not follow the law since thousands of voters received letters of voter registration suspension, instead of receiving a notice of 30 days to respond to proof of residency.

Republicans say she has created the voter confusion.

The Harris County Attorney's Office is still reviewing the challenges.

But with elections right around the corner-- including this Saturday-- you have to wonder which party is truly up to the challenge?

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