HPD: Suspect arrested after allegedly robbing McDonald’s, shooting two customers in Midtown area

HOUSTON— A suspect is behind bars and two others are in the hospital after a violent robbery at a popular fast food chain Thursday in Midtown, according to the Houston Police Department.

Police responded to a shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant in the 900 block of Gray around 9 p.m.

According to police, The suspect walked into McDonald’s, approached the cashier, and asked for change for a five dollar bill. When the cashier opened the drawer, the suspect reached over and stole the remaining cash from the register. The cashier screamed for help and several customers stepped in front of the man to stop him from leaving. At some point during the altercation with the customers, the suspect pulled out a gun and started shooting in the air, injuring two men.

Several Metro Police Department officers were nearby and heard the shots. They arrived as the man was exiting the restaurant and managed to take him into custody.

The two victims were taken to the hospital in stable condition.