5-year-old missing boy found safe at classmate’s house after getting on wrong bus, police say

HOUSTON— A 5-year-old boy has been found safe after getting on the wrong bus after the first day of school Monday, according to the Houston Police Department.

South Gessner Patrol officers responded to a missing child call in the 7400 block of Ashcroft around 6 p.m.

According to police, the family of the boy, who has been identified as Charlie Cruz, alerted police when he did not come home from school. The family met with officers at the school and confirmed through surveillance video that Cruz got on the wrong bus.

Police went out to the bus barn and searched seven buses at the property, but could not find Charlie. During the search, police received a call from a woman who informed them that a boy got off the bus with a child that she keeps after school and she didn’t know how to contact his parents. Police arrived at the residence and confirmed the lost boy was Charlie.

The child was immediately returned to his family, but police are investigating why the babysitter waited so long to notify someone about him being missing.