Montgomery County authorities shed light on boyfriend’s suicide over mystery doorbell ringer in viral video

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — Was it a crazed sex game gone bad?

What started with a ring at 3 o'clock in the morning last Saturday— and led to video posted of a mystery doorbell ringer in Montgomery County— has now led to a tragic tale of domestic violence and suicide.

The Montgomery Sheriff's Office said the 32-year-old woman in the infamous doorbell camera video had been restrained by her boyfriend in his home in the Sunrise Ranch subdivision of Montgomery, Texas.

But she managed to escape.

"So, she went to seek help, but when she couldn't get help— there was actually two neighbors' doors that she rang—  when she didn't get help at those neighbors doors that she rang, she then returned to the residence," MCSO Lt. Scott Spencer said.

Police said she was able to get in a car and then leave the scene.

Fast forward to Wednesday when deputies attempted a welfare check on the boyfriend, whose ex-wife alerted them she worried he may try to harm himself.

The man's ex-wife joined police as they made entry into the home and discovered his body with what they believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Officials identified the suicide victim as Dennis Ray Collins, 49.

The ex-wife had told law enforcement she believed the woman in the video was the girlfriend of Collins.

Authorities said Collins also referenced his girlfriend from the video in a note.

They said the woman was a victim of sexual assault, though the couple had been together for four months and previously used restraints during sex. Last Friday evening, authorities said they believe the woman had been restrained against her will.

"She's very distraught about this," Spencer informed reporters. "She's embarrassed, she's upset. She's in shock that this has come to this, so we're giving her her time."

But thanks to the viral video of the woman ringing a doorbell in the dead of night, this case has drawn worldwide attention, and mass hysteria with speculation.

"I mean, people from all over were fascinated with this 8-second video, and it was kind of overwhelming for me," neighbor Jennie Drude who posted the doorbell video shared.

Drude told NewsFix she's just relieved the mystery appears to be solved.

"I got personal messages from people all over the country saying 'This is my missing relative, can you get her picture to the police?'" Drude said. "I don't think I realized how many women were missing in the United States— and it's really sad."

As the investigation continues, no telling what bizarre details may be discovered next.

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