Suspect accused of beating elderly Pasadena man to death with his bare hands arrested in Louisiana, police say

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PASADENA, Texas — A local man charged following the gruesome beating of an elderly resident in Pasadena about a month ago has been arrested in Louisiana, the Pasadena Police Department confirmed.

Silvano DeJesus Echavarria, 23.

Silvano DeJesus Echavarria, 23, is charged with capital murder.

Investigators said the suspect assaulted the victim— 83-year-old Pedro Munive— with his bare hands during a violent robbery Aug. 5 at an apartment complex in the 4200 block of Shaver Street. It’s most likely the victim was collecting aluminum cans around the apartment at the time he was attacked, a family member told investigators.

Surveillance video of the beating shows Echavarria leaving the victim after the initial attack, but then he returns a second and third time to assault the victim further, court documents stated. Occasionally, according to officers, the suspect would pat Munive down and go through his pockets.

Echavarria is accused of punching the victim a total of 25 times and kicking him in the head at least 75 times.

Munive was later found lying on the ground between two parked vehicles when police arrived. According to court documents, the victim had multiple lacerations to the right side of the face and ear. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Medical examiners determined the victim died from extensive hemorrhaging of the brain and intestine.

The following day, Crime Stoppers released surveillance video of the suspect going into and leaving the apartment. Enchavarria — distinguished by a “Santo DeMeurta” tattoo on his left arm — was identified as the man in the video within three days thanks to a tip.

Who is Silvano DeJesus Echavarria?

During the investigation, officers learned Echavarria lived with his mother at a neighboring apartment complex— separated only by a thin wooden fence.

Family members of Echavarria claim the suspect battled with substance abuse and had become increasingly violent, according to court documents. Hours before the Munive assault, the suspect had allegedly gotten into a physical confrontation with his own mother.

The suspect’s girlfriend told investigators she was so disturbed by his violent behavior that day she avoided telling Echavarria she was four months pregnant with his child, according to court documents.

Silvano DeJesus Echavarria, 23, is charged with capital murder after the death of Pedro Munive, 83.

Homicide detectives noted three of Echavarria’s closest relatives immediately broke down into tears after seeing the attack video. It was a stark contrast to the young man seen in photos.

Following the attack, Echavarria remained on the run for several weeks before being arrested Friday during a standoff with U.S. Marshals and the Tammany Parrish Sheriff’s Office at residence in Lacombe, Louisiana.

Investigators said he surrendered peacefully.

“This arrest was a direct result of interagency cooperation,” U.S. Marshal Scott Illing said. “This suspect mistakenly thought he could escape justice by crossing state lines. The community can rest easy knowing our team is not discouraged by geographical boundaries and are ready to pursue fleeing felons wherever they hide.”

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