HPD: Woman struck, killed on Eastex Freeway was possible disabled motorist

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HOUSTON — A woman struck and killed on the Eastex Freeway early Monday could possibly have been a disabled motorist, according to Houston police.

A Nissan was traveling south on the freeway around 3 a.m. when the driver felt a large bump. The driver said she did not know what she hit and pulled over, realizing that she struck a person.

Emergency crews arrived to the scene and the victim was pronounced dead.

“Unfortunately we see that fairly often when we have people on these freeways, it is very dangerous,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said. “The driver stayed at the scene, she is not intoxicated and I don’t expect she’ll be charged, but that will be part of the investigation.”

Police said they do not know how the pedestrian got on the freeway.

“This is a very unusual place for people to be because this is an elevated portion of the freeway. There’s really not any place to get on for about half a mile in any direction for somebody to just walk up here,” Crowson explained. “I have no idea what she was doing on the freeway, but any place on the freeway — not only here — but where it’s at ground level is very dangerous for people to be on the freeway.”

The lieutenant went on to say it was not known if the victim was trying to walk across the roadway or was just standing there. It is also possible that her car had stalled.

“There is a car back there with the lights on and it’s possible that she broke down. We’ll go back there and take a look at that,” Crowson said.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released.

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