HPD: Woman shot after stealing man’s truck during hotel hookup; causes major accident while trying to flee

HOUSTON— The Houston Police Department is investigating after a woman was shot while stealing her date's truck, which led to a major accident in the Greater Fondren area Tuesday.

Southwest Patrol Officers responded to a shooting call at the intersection of S. Sam Houston West Parkway and West Bellfort around 4 a.m.

According to police, a man and a woman pulled into the Pearl Inn Hotel parking lot when the man went inside to purchase a room. The woman, who was left inside the running truck, immediately jumped into the driver's seat and started to drive off. The man spotted the woman and reached for his pistol while running after the truck, firing multiple rounds. The woman was struck an unknown amount of times, but still managed to speed off.

She eventually lost control of the truck and crashed into a 61-year-old woman.

Both women were transported to the hospital in serious, but stable condition.

The man was taken into custody for questioning.