Ch-ch-changes!: Embracing pregnancy and what it does to your mind, body

HOUSTON --  Some women have blissful pregnancies and others cannot wait for it to be over.

Media maven and mom-to-be Laura Rose is about four months pregnant and she shared with Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe what pregnancy does to your mind and body, and how to use it to your advantage.

Here are a few of Laura's helpful pregnancy tips:

  1. We're much more straightforward! You can't get what you want without asking for it. Pregnancy actually removes many of the barriers we have to being direct and speaking our minds. Use this to get ahead in business or to clear the air in a relationship.
  1. Creativity is at an all-time high. Yes, pregnant women are more emotional, but they can use those emotions as fuel for passion projects they always wanted to get started on. For example, I built my own website and started my own business last time I was pregnant! I still don't know how I wrote all that copy so fast, but I know that in this pregnancy, I'm writing everything I can as fast as I can while I can!
  2. Pregnancy insomnia - it's not all bad! Yes, pregnancy can have us awake at all hours. My belief is that this is preparation for what's to come! If you can't sleep, roll with it. I did some of my best work at 4 AM last time I was pregnant, and it's likely that if I didn't wake up and head for my home office, I would have just been lying in bed awake anyway. When it comes to pregnancy, go with the flow and don't sweat the small stuff. Let it take you on a beautiful adventure. You might be amazed with where you end up!
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