Who cleans up after crime scenes? Local company gives insight into one of Houston’s toughest jobs

HOUSTON — "We're here so the healing can begin."

It's a slogan, and something to be proud of!

"I like to think of us as the first line of defense," Biotechs Owner David Morales told NewsFix. "We're the first people on scene to get over that hump, and I take pride in that."

Biotechs is not your average cleaning service. The company tackles the job no one wants to do...crime, and the trauma of the clean-up.

"Our main goal is to provide some sort of normalcy to bring some sort of calm to a chaotic situation," Morales said. "In some cases, this is the most tragic time in these peoples lives, and anything that you can do to help them move forward, that's what keeps us going."

These brave souls were there when tragedy struck the small town of Santa Fe, Texas.

"We've done a lot of scenes," Morales said. "We've seen pretty much everything that you can think of. I think [Santa Fe] always going to hold a special place. Not only because of the amount of attention and what exactly happened with children and innocent adults, but everybody that was effected by it. It effected me personally, it effected my guys that work for me."

It's hard work that nobody wants to think about, but it's a crucial first step on the long road to healing.

"Being in that environment you see everybody that's effected by it," Morales said. "i mean, we're all human you know? It takes kind of a toll on your mind, on your heart, but just knowing that we're there to help and we're there to get over that first little hurdle is what kind of motivated us and kept us going."

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