10th year anniversary of Hurricane Ike remembered

GALVESTON - Time flies, even for historic hurricanes-- and Thursday marked the 10th year anniversary of Hurricane Ike striking Galveston Island.

When that historic storm first hit Galveston and the Texas coast 10 years ago, it was one of those iconic moments where everyone can remember where they were when the deadly category two hurricane struck the island.

Ike savagely destroyed some of Galveston's most iconic structures like the legendary Balinese Room, a haunt made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra himself. And the famed Murdoch's Bathhouse tumbled into the sea as well.

And the horrific storm surge really did a number on the historic Strand, too.

As Ike made its way inland, Houston felt the brunt of the storm with monster winds taking down trees, blowing out windows, and leading to power outages lasting for weeks in some areas.

But as bad a blow as Ike dealt the Texas coast and beyond, we rebuilt and showed the world the meaning of 'Texas Strong.'

At the time, Ike became the costliest hurricane in Texas history, raking up $30 billion in damages here and in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of Ike is just the reminder how deadly and devastating a storm can be.

And just in case Texans forgot, Hurricane Harvey gave us all a rude wake up call last year.

And now a decade later, like so many devastating storms, Ike will live on in legacy and memory.