New Caney woman befriends wild deer wandering around her yard— and home!

NEW CANEY, Texas — A local woman was pleasantly surprised over the weekend after an unexpected visit from a wild deer over the weekend at her home in New Caney.

Cindy Callaway was preparing for a camping trip Friday afternoon when she was greeted by the kindhearted creature in the driveway of her home in the Peach Creek Forest subdivision.

"He tapped me on the back and it scared me— but it scared him, too," the homeowner said. "He started following me like a puppy all through the yard, and he even came in my house. He was outside. I went into the house, and the next thing, I look over and he's coming through the door."

The deer continued to follow Callaway around the property, munching on the surrounding foliage and drinking from a bird baths.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was eventually called to the home to capture the deer, which will be taken to Lake Houston State Park.

Texas Wild Life officials believe the deer may have been held in captivity, explaining why the animal was so friendly with the homeowner and responding officers. It's possible the deer managed to escape at some point.

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