Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

Santa Claus brought gifts for Christmas. Santa is placing gift boxes under Christmas tree

HOUSTON — When it comes to the end-of-year holidays, Christmas seems to never take a backseat despite being dead last in December.

Some of us are still washing off the glitter from our magical unicorn Halloween costume, and we’re already being bombarded with ornaments, reefs and other Christmas knickknacks at our local stores.

We’re 53 days from Christmas as of Friday, but the celebration started long before then. As Spirit of Halloween stores popped up all over town, Christmas started to slowly creep into the background. And Thanksgivings? Never stood a chance!

Sirius XM is already playing Christmas music— and lots of it! This year, the satellite and online radio platform has an extensive holiday music lineup featuring 16 commercial-free channels as well as five exclusive streaming channels.

It’s only been a day and the channels are already being met with mixed reviews. Some are excited for the holiday classics while others are not quite in the Christmas spirit. The later complains the service rushing through Thanksgiving.

Starbucks is doubling down on Christmas with its new holiday cups.

The Hallmark Channel was bold enough to start airing a full slate of Christmas programming on Halloween day. In addition to a lineup for 36 new Christmas movies this year, the channel is also launching a “Countdown to Christmas”-themed SiriusXM radio. It went live Thursday.

Com’on, the disrespect!

Also on Thursday, Starbucks unveiled four new holiday cup designs: One with red stripes, one with a green argyle pattern, one with red and white flames and one with mistletoe-like coffee cherries in red and green.

In addition to debuting the cups, Starbucks will start selling new holiday-themed treats like sugarplum cheese danishes and pistachio honey croissants and bring back classic holiday drinks like peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes on Friday. Plus, Starbucks will give out limited-edition reusable red cups to customers while supplies last on Friday.

At the box office, movie lovers await the premiere of the latest “The Grinch” remake that’ll hit theaters on Nov. 9. However, Tyler the Creator’s remix of the classic Christmas song “Mr. Grinch” is already showing clout with the younger generation. The song was released Oct. 24.

It’s not like Halloween and Thanksgiving are popular holidays. So it all begs the question— is it too soon for Christmas?

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