Fitness Friday: Tips as marathon training time ticks

It's time for your Fitness Friday tip of the day with Lindsey Day! Thousands of Houstonians are gearing up for the largest single day sporting event in the city! If that's you, here are tips to keep you on track despite the cold weather and holiday distractions.

Q & A with Houston Strength Bootcamp member Michael Selio

Lindsey: I'm at Houston Strength Bootcamp. We have a dedicated group who braved the cold to come work together to reach their goals! Michael Selio has a lofty goal!"

Michael: I'll be running 13.1 miles in the Houston half marathon this January 20th!

Lindsey: Wow! It's only 2 months away! NOW is crunch time for training!  Michael, what does your training program look like?

Michael: I train here at Houston Strength with Jordan twice per week and run the other days. We work on lower body and core strength.

Lindsey: So you have a lot of people confused, Michael! You’re training for a marathon but you’re out here doing a strength training boot camp?! ...Which I think is a brilliant strategy, by the way!

Michael: Yes! Core and lower body strength are very important for marathon training!

Lindsey: Exactly! Listen up marathon runners! If you're not getting one to two strength training days on top of your running - you're missing out! A stronger core and stronger leg muscles helps with endurance and speed. This is key to preventing injury. Plus if you care about speed, include interval training.

Here is a sample marathon training plan:


MONDAY - Short Run as fast as possible: 3 miles | 6 miles

TUESDAY - Lower Body Workout + 3 mile | 6 mile interval/sprint run at the end*

4 sets 15 reps, rest 30 to 60 seconds in between

1- Squats

2- Leg Press

3- Walking Lunges

4- Quad Extension Machine

5- Laying Hamstring Curl Machine

6- Calf Raises

*Alternate between half a mile at a slow past and half a mile at a fast pace.

WEDNESDAY - Upper Body Workout

4 sets 15 reps, rest 30 to 60 seconds in between

1- Standing Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press

2- Chest Press

3- Bent Over Dumbbell Row

4- Standing Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension

5- 1 minute of Mountain Climbers

6- 1 minute of Flutter Kicks

THURSDAY - 1 hour | 2 hours Cardio Machine of Choice (elliptical, cross trainer, bike, etc.) - To reduce wear and tear on joints & switch up the routine/keep your body from plateauing

FRIDAY - Moderate Run: 6 miles | 12 miles

SATURDAY - Long Run*: 9 to 14 miles | 20 to 27 miles

*Start on the lower end of the range and increase mileage by 1 to 2 each subsequent week


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