Fitness Friday: Float your way to fit at True Rest Spa

It's Fitness Friday time with Lindsey Day! But this time she's not taking us to the gym, or to a fitness class!

We have to balance workout stress with relaxation to optimize health. Lindsey shows us how to FLOAT our way to FIT!

LINDSEY: Hey everyone! We're at True Rest Float Spa with Kiran. January is the month people like to go 0 to 100 - real quick - in the gym. New Year resolutions! That leaves the body with aches and pains and contributes to the February drop out! Float therapy is a solution to that!

KIRAN: That's right! You're floating in epsom salt and there are no pressure points on the body. It's a deeply relaxing, zero gravity environment that eases pain, helps with sleep and reduces inflammation.

LINDSEY: OK I'm ready to relax! Let's float!

KIRAN: Let's do it!

LINDSEY: All the athletes are doing this, right Kiran?

KIRAN: Yes, tons of major athletes like Stephen Curry and J.J. Watt do it!

LINDSEY: So J.J. Watt must come here? When's his next appointment? I promise I wont tell anyone! Just kidding!

LINDSEY: This isn't just for the fitness fanatics! It's for anyone who wants better sleep and stress management. I float frequently, and boy do I sleep like a baby that night! Do other people say this?

KIRAN: Oh yes, definitely! I have people who come here right before bed and this is a very relaxing process

LINDSEY: That was awesome! I felt like I was floating through the clouds! You have to try this!

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