Should women lift weights? Yes, here’s why 

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As women, it can be intimidating to pump iron at the gym. However, from shrinking inches off the waistline, to improving brain and bone health - the benefits of weightlifting outweigh those of cardio.

Certified personal trainers Lindsey Day and Tamara Gonzalez are here to show the ladies how it's done!

Walk into any gym and you'll see the women all over the cardio machines. The men will be grunting their way through a grueling weightlifting session. Ladies- let's put an end to this and get our lift on!

But where do you start? I'll take you through an upper body workout and explain the benefits. 

1- 15 reps Dumbbell Chest Press 

2- 15 reps Dumbbell Front Raise into Lateral Raise

3- Cable Machine Pulls

Rest 1 minute. Repeat that circuit a total of 5 times.

Yes, ladies, we're doing chest! Chest is one of your largest muscle groups. Maximizing muscle throughout your whole body maximizes fat loss! That slim waistline comes much quicker by doing chest presses rather than cardio and crunches.

Plus, did you know this type of workout burns more calories than cardio?! 

As women, between the ages of 30 and 70 we lose over 20 percent of our muscle if we're not lifting?! That's a recipe for fat gain because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue.

Let's do it ladies! It's a lifestyle!

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