Fit for the job? We workout with a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic 

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LINDSEY: Hey everyone! A lot of people watching have jobs that require them to stay physically fit - whether you're a police officer, a fire fighter, or a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic like Josh Cools is!

JOSH: Physical fitness is important for us at Memorial Hermann Life Flight because not only does it keep us in shape but also we have a pretty stressful job with our patients. Working together as co-workers, family and friends it helps us maintain happiness and job satisfaction so we can perform our job to the best of our ability.

LINDSEY: You said something that made me think... it's not only for someone who has a physically demanding job, but it's for people who have stressful jobs, to cope with the stress in general. You might be sitting at a desk all day but you need to make sure you're getting some kind of activity in at least weekly.

I work with a client who does shift work and she's a nurse. It's difficult for her to get workouts in on the days she does those long demanding 12 hour shifts. What do you advise to someone that's worked such a long shift and has nothing left to give at the end?

JOSH: I always recommend that people get the rest their body needs. You never want to encourage someone in a high stress environment to be fatigued or tired at their job because mistakes can happen. Ultimately, when you have the days off or when you have some free time. Or if it means waking up 30 minutes early on a day that works for your schedule. If you're working at the hospital one thing that works well is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Those little things add up.

LINDSEY: You're not going to make this one big decision that completely overhauls your life. It's going to be the sum of many little decisions that you make day in and day out.

LINDSEY: That was awesome! Great work!

JOSH: It's always easier and more fun when you have your co-workers as accountability partners!

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