The Art Spot: DeBakey HS students present ‘You Make Me Smile’ and ‘Tape Measures and Pearls’

Each week, we feature Houston student artists from various schools throughout the area! This week, we're showcasing art from students at DeBakey High School in Houston ISD.

"You Make Me Smile"

"You Make Me Smile" by Janice Liang

This piece was done by Janice Liang, 17. The young artist says she aimed to capture the intimacy and emotions of a couple to show how deep and powerful love can be.

"Tape Measures and Pearls"

"Tape Measures and Pearls" by Rebecca Rodriguez

A creation by Rebecca Rodriguez, this piece is a statement on beauty confidence. The 15-year-old said the tape measure and pearls represent the relationship between body measurements and the definition of beauty— absolutely none!

Great job, Rebecca and Janice!

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