The Art Spot: DeBakey HS students present ‘Chrystaline Illumination’ and ‘Reflections’

Each week, we feature Houston student artists from various schools throughout the area! This week, we're showcasing art from students at DeBakey High School in Houston ISD.

"Chrystaline Illumination"

"Chrystaline Illumination" by Evelyn Fearson.

Sophomore Evelyn Fearson, 15, created this masterpiece. The young artist said she wanted to take a mundane object, like a lightbulb, and show how something so simple and small was still big proof of how far we've come as a society— lighting many things and showcasing that through the bright colors.


"Reflections" by by Muskan Manzoor.

Senior Muskan Manzoor, 18, took this photograph, which is in a way a self-portrait. He said his inspiration for the photo was to capture balance through the reflection of the water. Manzoor said he's constantly trying to find balance in life between his school work and his art.

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