It’s a rodeo cowgirl workout!

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All that food at the rodeo can taste oh so delicious! But all that food is NOT oh so nutritious!

But have no worries! Here's your plan to help you avoid weight gain this rodeo season!

Rodeo season wouldn’t be complete without our Cowgirl workout!

Do this fun exercise as a group before hitting up rodeo. Then you won’t feel so guilty about splurging a bit on those funnel cakes!

For our first exercise, mount the bull! Pick your knees up high and swing your leg over the bull. Alternate legs and do this for 30 seconds.

Okay, now let's ride the bull for 30 seconds! Gallop as if you're riding the horse.

This bull can’t be tamed! Uh-oh! You fell off the bull! Fall off the bull with me for 30 seconds! Fall back and hop up!

Now we have to chase the bull! Run around in a circle and keep chasing for 30 seconds.

The bull ran under the fence! Let's duck the fence. Drop down low and slide your feet for 30 seconds.

You caught the bull! Good job!

Rest 1 minute and repeat that entire thing 5 times. Then you can indulge a bit more at Rodeo without your body storing the excess calories as fat!

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