The Art Spot: Eastwood Academy High School students present ‘Aspire’ and ‘Warmth’

Each week, we feature Houston student artists from various schools throughout the area! This week, we're showcasing art from students at Eastwood Academy High School in Houston ISD.

"Aspire" by Vanesa Gonzalez Torres.

Senior Vanesa Gonzalez Torres said she enjoys art because it has a calming effect on her and allows her to express herself such as in her recent piece, "Aspire."

"Warmth" by Stephanie Acosta.

Sophomore Stephanie Acosta calls her piece, "Warmth." She said she uses her emotions to create her art. Since the loss of both of her parents, the young artist said she lets all her emotions out through her artwork. It makes her feel better doing so, she said.

Great job, girls!

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