Where’s Maggie? Learning all about the amazing women who make Houston great this Women’s History Month

Our past is not just history, it's her story, too! In honor of Women's History Month, Maggie is teaming up with Mr. McKinney's Historic Houston and The Leading Ladies, a community service organization, to learn all about the brave Houston women who mustard the strength to inspire great change in our amazing city and beyond.

Mister McKinney's Historic Houston: Women's History Month

Learn about the significant contributions of Houston women Mister McKinney's Historic Houston tour taking place the last two weeks of the month, March 22 to March 31. Guests will learn about the legacy of more than 158 Houston female leaders and trailblazers and how they shaped our city.

The tour takes places on the three balconies of the Catalyst Houston for a unique bird's eye view of breath taking Houston from above.

Tickets are $24 and directly benefit the non-profit high school young ladies service organization Leading Ladies.

The Leading Ladies will be helping Mister McKinney on the tour talking about the HOUSTON women's accomplishments, connecting the past female leaders with the future and the present.

Tour also includes champagne and strawberries with a toast at the end!

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