DA’s office reviewing more than 800 cases linked to second officer involved in deadly no-knock raid

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office already announced they will be reviewing more than 1,400 cases that embattled Houston Police Department officer Gerald Goines was involved in. Now, the massive review has become even larger as hundreds more cases by a second officer in question are being reviewed, too.

Prosecutors are now looking into about 800 cases involving HPD officer Steven Bryant— bumping the number of cases they are reviewing to over 2,000. Of the 800 additional cases Bryant is linked to,  about thirty are currently pending in court.

The announcement of the review of the cases that Goines has been involved in came on February 20th. Two of the cases under review have been dismissed.

The review comes as the investigation continues into the no-knock raid that turned into a deadly shootout in late January on Harding Street.

The officers' actions came into question after mistruths regarding an informant buying drugs at the home were revealed.

Bryant— like Goines — has been relieved of duty as the investigation continues.

District Attorney Kim Ogg has expressed that this review process would be much faster if she could get more funds to hire more prosecutors, but she ensures that each case will be given a fair review whether or not she gets the extra help.

"We have a duty to the people of Harris County to pursue justice in every instance, no matter how many cases this involves," Ogg said in a recent statement.


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