Matter of Principal: What to do if you’re being bullied

When you are the target of a bully, life can be pretty rough.

Who do you turn to?  Who do you ask for help?

Our nationally recognized high school principal has a few ideas of what to do.

Dr. Dameion Crook from Mickey Leland Prep Academy in Houston has had a few talks with kids over the years who were at the receiving end of a bully.

Crook has a few suggestions that have helped calm a few situations and get things resolved.

They include:

  • Talk to an adult
  • Be an “Upstander” not a Bystander
  • Use your voice

Crook says you should never be scared of a bully and NEVER be scared to tell someone about it.

He says it all starts with “standing up for yourself.”  A good first step, that will change things for the better.

You can watch “Matter of Principal” each Tuesday on Morning Dose.

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