The Art Spot: Alexander Hamilton Middle School students present ‘Good for Tune,’‘Justice’ and ‘Commitment’

Each week, we feature Houston student artists from various schools throughout the area! This week, we’re showcasing art from students at Alexander Hamilton Middle School in Houston ISD.

Today's first feature is a sculpture by eighth grader Abril Gomez, 14. The piece is called "Good for Tune," and Abril says the inspiration behind it is to simply to showcase their love for art!

We also had a sculpture by eighth grader Rena Johnson, 13. Her piece is called "Justice," and Rena says she was inspired and actually did the piece for this past Black History Month.

The third sculpture is by eighth grader Arley Munoz, 14. Her piece is called "Commitment," and she said she was inspired to create this piece with the word "commitment" in mind because it has a lot of meaning and has been something that's important to her since she was younger.

Nice job to all our students, and thank you for sharing your work with us!

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