Amazing Athletes program helping little tikes burn energy while building motor skills

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LINDSEY: I'm with Brenda Power at Amazing Athletes. I got a chance to jump in with the kids and have a little fun! Talk to us about how important it is to have our kids be active at such a young age.

BRENDA: At age 5 there's a lot of brain development that goes on at that time - there's a lot of studies that do show that kids who are physically active - it also makes them benefit brain development-wise, and socially they're better.

We use sports as a catalyst to get the kids physically active, to like to have a healthy lifestyle. We work on their cardiovascular fitness, go over speed and agility with them as well as talk to them about the 16 different power foods.

LINDSEY: Some of these kids and their parents love it so much that when their younger sibling was of age, they came through the program too!

BRENDA: We have a prime example here - Luka right here, his older sister Celia was in our program. So the families once they get into it they see how the kids learn all these great skills so it just catches on

LINDSEY: And you'll get the kids asking their parents for broccoli now! I would want to eat broccoli if I was a kid and saw that!

BRENDA: Hopefully! They're excited when they come in and they give you a big hug! It's great to see how excited they are about the class!

LINDSEY: Yeah I got a lot of high fives from the kids when I came in!

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