The Art Spot: Felix Cook Elementary students present ’The World is Yours’ and ‘African Cubism’

Each week, we feature houston student artists from various schools throughout the area! This week, we’re showcasing art from students at Felix cook elementary in Houston ISD.

"The World is Yours"

"The World is Yours" by Ezequiel Gutierrez

Our first piece is by fifth grader Ezequiel Gutierrez, and his piece is called "The World is Yours."

He said the meaning behind his piece is some people doubt their abilities or importance. This picture tells them that they can be someone.

"African Cubism"

"African Cubism" by Ingrid Fernandez.

The second piece there on the right is by fourth grader Ingrid Fernandez. Her piece is called "African Cubism."

She said she learned about Picasso's African cubism in class and she wanted to show off what she learned, so she made this piece.

Nice job, Ezequiel and Ingrid! And thank you to Mr. Perkins' class for letting us showcase their art this past week.


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