Class Acts: Senior Stephanie Chu is bringing the world a pop of color with anime and art

Sharpstown International School’s Stephanie Chu may be soft spoken, but her talent for art shines bright.

“Some things I can’t really even teach, she just has it inherently,” Scott Rosenberg said.

Chu has always loved to doodle and draw, but a couple of years ago she decided she wanted to take it further.

"I’ve always liked animation and cartoons and anime," Chu said. "So when I saw that anime could inspire people a lot, I wanted to do something similar and present art visually and inspire other people as well.”

She’s a storyteller at heart and always working to develop her craft.

"I feel proud of myself that I’ve improved on something, but there’s always room for improvement, so after a few weeks I probably feel like 'oh, this could be changed, or I could do better,” Chu said.

She doesn’t hesitate to put her pencil back to the paper and the stylus back to the tablet— she’s got dreams to chase.

"I’d like to be an illustrator animator. Even if it’s a small company, if I am able to make my own productions or help inspire people with the medium, I’d be happy with what i’m doing,” Chu said.

Chu has been offered scholarships at two colleges so far. She’s still waiting to hear back from a few more schools before making her final decision, but she does know she definitely wants to go to art school.

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