5 Uber, Lyft ride-sharing safety tips that could save your life (…in about 20 seconds)

Uber, Lyft and other popular ride-sharing services come with a list of advantages from keeping intoxicated drivers off the road, helping senior citizens get around and simply bringing more convenience to our lives.

Although ride-sharing services have become an increasingly common means of getting around, we should always be mindful of the potential dangers and practice safety.

Media Systems Co-founders Jaclyn and Donnie Boutwell share a safety checklist that can be done in within the first 22 seconds of your ride!

5 quick ride sharing safety tips

  • Check the child lock
  • Share your ride information with a friend or family member
  • Match the license plate and car model information
  • Check the driver's picture— and asked for their name, first!
  • Check for an Uber/Lyft window decal on the vehicle windshield
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