Two women finally identified decades after bodies found in Texas ‘killing fields’

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League City police have recently identified two additional murder victims found in the Texas Killing Fields more than several decades ago. During a press conference Monday, detectives shared details about the investigations surrounding the women's deaths.

The first victim was found back in 1984.

League City police have worked since then to try to solve these cases. Now they know the identities of a total of four victims that have been found in the wooded area off Calder Road.

Two of the victims have been called Jane and Janet doe for years.

We now know that Jane Doe is Audrey Lee Cook. She was born in Memphis but lived in the Houston and Channelview area from 1976 to 1985.

She worked as a mechanic and for an equipment company in the area. Police believe she was about 30 years old when she died. They also believe she sold and used cocaine.

Janet Doe’s real name is Donna Prudhomme. She is from Port Arthur and lived in Seabrook and Nassau Bay.

They don’t have any information on where she worked. Police believe she frequented several of the local bars on NASA Road 1 in Seabrook. They believe she was about 34 when she died.

League City police have been in contact with both victim’s families. One of the investigators leading the up said she even though years have passed, it was still extremely difficult to break the news that their loved ones were gone.

"Both are elated that there's closure, but it was also a formal grieving process for them now that they know their loved one is actually decreased and not carrying on a new life somewhere," Lt. Michael Buffington said. "It's an emotional roller coaster for them."

While this is a huge milestone in the case, police are still asking for the public's help.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have known Cook or Prudhomme around the time of their deaths to come forward. You may have information that could lead to the identification of a suspect in this case.

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