Delicate Disposals: Meet the UT grad putting an end to gross visits to the public women’s restroom

Here we go, again.

It’s another disgusting public restroom visit with your good friend Aunt Flo and that filthy little metal waste bin lined with brown parchment paper (…maybe this time, maybe not.)

Ladies, are you getting tired of unsanitary public restrooms? Well, our latest Morning Dose guest is the creator of a new invention that could help.

Kelsey Doyle, a University of Texas graduate, is the founder of local startup Delicate Disposal, which manufactures hands-free waste baskets.

"It started out as looking at one issue in a restroom and thinking about how we can improve it," Doyle said. “And as we've developed the produced and researched, we've found it's really about a commitment to women's health and healthiness and cleanliness.”

Doyle came up with the idea for Delicate Disposal after one too many unpleasant visits to public restrooms.

“I walked in and realized that the sink is automatic, and the soap was automatic, and in some places, even the flush was automatic,” Doyle said. “But the area that makes the biggest difference for women — and that actually poses the most risks — had been overlooked. And that was really starting to bother me.”

Doyle was concerned about those non-flushable sanitary napkins, tampons and other women's products.

Delicate Disposals are designed to sit inside restroom stalls like the traditional waste bins that requires women to open with their hands. However, this waste basket opens automatically when the user hovers her hand over the door and then closes on its own.

“Another feature that was really important to us when designing these was to make sure they’re also cleaner for the staff that has to handle and empty the trash cans,” Doyle said.

If you’re feeling that the traditional bins are gross, you’re not wrong. In their research, Doyle said Delicate Disposal learned some germs can actually live on the tradition bin for days or even weeks.

Click here to learn more about Delicate Disposal.

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