Elliot’s Table serving up your favorite southern foods family-style near the Washington Avenue area

Some of life’s most meaningful moments happen at the dinner table— whether it is while catching up with an old friend, discussing daily happenings with family members or getting to know a new romance.

Chef Elliot Roddy, the owner of Elliot’s Table by Family Meal HTX near the Washington Avenue area, understands the importance of mealtime conversation. Featuring a menu of popular dishes like seafood pasta and chicken fried steak, the restaurant sits outside the common American restaurant dinning experience.

The food is served family-style. Yes, meaning one big pot with several individual plates— just like at home!

“We started cooking when we all worked at a restaurant together,” Roddy said. “On Mondays, on our days off, we would have everyone over and collectively just share a meal because you never really get enough time during the busy day at the restaurant to actually sit down and conversate and relax, so that’s how it all came about.”

The chef chats with Morning Dose’s Shannon LaNier and Sharron Melton about the three of the restaurant’s most popular menu items— the Thai Chili Ribs over wonton chips, Roast Oysters and Shrimp ‘n’ Grits.

After getting his bachelor’s degree at Kentucky State University, Roddy decided to enroll in the culinary studies program at the Art Institute of Houston instead of pursing his business degree. He eventually hit the restaurant scene— but his experience didn’t start behind the stove.

“I started off at Applebee’s as a dishwasher, and then just working my way through the kitchen there, I ended up coming back to Houston to go to culinary school, and then the rest is kind of history.”

Roddy said more than half of the restaurant’s produce comes from Old School Produce, a company owned by his good friend Jacob Martin. The rest is picked up daily form local farmer’s and various farmer’s markets throughout the city.

“We try to keep everything as fresh as possible,” Roddy said.

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