Zabicolife owner shares history of herbal tea company looking to heal your mind, body and spirit

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Zabicolife puts 3,000 years of herbal wisdom in every cup. Tea Connoisseur and CEO of Zabicolife, Gladstone St. Auburn-Etienne shares the organic roots and history behind his herbal teas.

Gladstone spent his youth on his family’s farm with abundance of herbs, vegetables, fruits and animals. His mother is an expert herbalist, so his education in herbal teas and remedies began very early in life.

"As a child I rarely visited the doctor for anything," St. Auburn-Etienne told Morning Dose. "For any sort of ailment, my mother would make a compress or herbal mixture. So, just growing up in that culture."

St. Auburn-Etienne would later migrate to the United States to pursue an education. Despite the American healing culture, which relies heavily on pharmaceutical products and various synthetic drugs, he maintained his trust in holistic remedies.

"Passion for herbs, the passion for healing, the passion for health that's where [my inspiration] comes from," St. Auburn-Etienne said. "And then, just being able to expose a wider audience to medicinal herbs and proprieties and incorporating them into the lifestyle."

Over the years, he developed a deep passion for helping people live a natural and healthy lifestyle that is when Zabicolife was born.

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