Is CBD harmful to your body? Talking CBD benefits, calling out myths with Sacred Leaf Zero 

There are many unknown facts about cannabidiol, or CBD. Manager of Sacred Leaf Zero, Houston store manager Caroline Mallon shares the misconceptions and facts about CBD.

Here are a few CBD facts, according to Mallon:

  • Hemp and marijuana are cousins and are NOT the same plant. They both come from the cannabis family, but are very different. CBD is derived from hemp, and CBD by itself is completely non-psychoactive (won't get you "high".)
  • CBD can have many uses, and reacts differently when used differently. It will work to bring your body to homeostasis, so for each person that means a different thing. The main things it helps with are inflammation, pain, and anxiety, but people usually find other positive side effects when they begin using it daily, such as gut health regulation or their blood pressure might drop or they might get better night's sleep, etc. CBD can help with depression, stress management, PTSD, and other brain related imbalances as well as physical pain.
  • CBD with 0.00% THC is totally SAFE for children and pregnant moms-to-be. Mothers produce cannabinoids in their breastmilk naturally, and the hemp plant is just another source of cannabinoids. If anyone is taking prescription medications, we recommend that you discuss CBD with your doctor before adding it as a supplement.
  • CBD isn't just for people! All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, which basically means if it has a spine, CBD can help that animal. Cats, dogs, horses, etc all have the same endocannabinoid system, and therefore could benefit from the effects of CBD. Pets that have separation anxiety, storm or fireworks fears, seizures, tremors, pacing, joint issues, arthiritis, epilepsy, etc could all get help with just a little bit of CBD.
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