TWRC Wildlife Center braces for dumping of unwanted Easter bunnies; here’s how you can help sweet animals like Oliver 

Although Easter is over, a special little friend hopped by Morning Dose!

Outreach & Events Coordinator, Victoria Hepburn along with volunteer, Kim Gonsulin and domesticated Netherland dwarf mix bunny, Oliver with TWRC Wildlife Center shared the importance of not "setting your pets free" in the wild.

Oliver was brought to TWRC Wildlife Center back in 2016 after being found in a ditch by a rescuer who thought he was a wild rabbit. He was unable to walk, had seizures and couldn’t stand or move without falling over. After seeing several rabbit-specialized vets, it was concluded that he has a neurological disorder.

Over the last three years, Oliver has been doing physical therapy by exercising on different surfaces to help retrain his muscles. He has gained almost all of his normal movement back, but his front legs are slightly splayed and he still wobbles and falls over occasionally.

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