Venezuelan community in Houston rallies behind opposition leader Juan Guaido

In Venezuela, attempts to oust president Nicolas Maduro are reaching a climax.

The country’s opposition leader Juan Guaido is gaining support from the nation’s military, and support for him is being shown here in Houston as well.

Dozens of people gathered Tuesday to show their support of Guaido, who has been fighting current president since he was re-elected in January. Tuesday, Guaido escalated the fight for Venezuela's leadership.

In a video, tanks are seen powering through opposition protesters after Guaido called for a national day of marching.

Guaido and his supporters staged an attempted coup at the capitol Tuesday night and while all of this continues in Venezuela, Venezuelans here in Houston want their voices heard, too.

During the rally, Houston residents waved Venezuelan and American flags as they rallied, chanting their support for the opposition. A sign one supporter was holding up read “no more usurpation of power by Maduro.”

One woman we spoke with says the Venezuelan community is ready to do what they can to support the man they see as their president.

“My call out is for people that live anywhere that there is an embassy to be able to join the fight, Monica Ferrer said. "In addition to that, we are definitely praying that we have the support from the Lima Groupo and then also from the United States forces, Colombian forces and Brazilian forces. This is a very complex situation in Venezuela."

Guaido is calling on Venezuelans to continue marching Wednesday, fighting in the “start of the end of the usurpation.”


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