City Hall to have pink lights Sunday in honor of Maleah Davis; child’s remains found in Arkansas

Mayor Sylvester Turner has approved a request for the lights at Houston City Hall to be changed to pink Sunday in condolence for the death of Maleah Davis. It's the 4-year-old's favorite color.

"As we learn more about her death and disappearance, I ask people to focus their energy on creating lasting changes in Maleah's honor. Love your child and hold them close, volunteer at a shelter for women and children, support foster organizations or make a donation to your favorite charity in Maleah's name," Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a statement Monday.

Meanwhile, the memorial outside the apartment where she once lived continues to grow.

Remains belonging to the victim have been found in Arkansas after weeks of searching, according to the Harris County medical examiner. A lawn crew found the remains May 31 while working near an Interstate 30 entrance ramp in Hempstead County, Arkansas.

Investigators said the workers discovered a foul-smelling bag and brought it to authorities, who quickly realized the signs of a child's decomposing body. Although medical examiners have been able confirm the remains are that of Malaeh using DNA testing, the cause of death is still under investigation.

“We know forensic investigations will have to make that final determination," Turner said. "Until then, we hope and pray for those closest to Maleah will finally be able to have some closure and can lead to bringing this precious child home.”

The mayor went on to ask everyone to pray for Maleah’s family, regardless of the circumstances you might think or believe.

The discovery comes days after community activist Quanell X allegedly got a confession from the girl’s stepfather, Derion Vence.

Quanell X claims he spoke with Vence on Friday and says Vence told him that Maleah’s death was an accident and confessed to dumping the body in Arkansas. It was confirmed Monday, the suspect's attorney has filed a motion to keep the activist from visiting his client in jail.

Vence remains behind bars on a tampering with evidence charge.

As of now, no other charges have been filed.

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