Mental health assessment requested for Maleah Davis’ stepfather

HOUSTON--An order was filed Wednesday for a mental health or intellectual disability assessment for Derion Vence, the step-father of Maleah Davis.

Vence been in jail since May 11 when he was arrested on the charge of tampering with evidence, namely a human corpse.

The order means qualified mental health staff from the Harris Center will conduct an assessment to determine if Vence has a mental illness or an intellectual disability— that’s the latest in the case.

On May 31, Vence’s attorney filed a motion to keep community activist Quanell X from visiting Vence in jail. This was after he allegedly confessed to Quanell about Maleah’s death being an accident and where her body was dumped.

On June 4, Vence’s attorney  filed a motion to keep everyone from visiting him unless the request to visit is in writing and approved by the attorney. That motion says since Vence has become the subject of media interest, and he has been “repeatedly harassed and requested for interviews.”

Also earlier this week, Vence’s attorney requested a subpoena for the phone records including texts from all law enforcement involved in the case.

That is not out of the ordinary; however, it does show that there has been progress made in this case that, of course, so many are interested in.

Vence is not due back in court until July 10.

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