Up your pull-up game with this fun challenge!

Have you ever said, "Man, one day I want to be able to knock out a pull up!" Or maybe multiple ups!

Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day shows us how many ups she can bang out, and teaches us how we can do it too!

The pull up is the gold standard of measuring strength! Improving pull ups improves everything from athletics to aesthetics. Not to mention, it gives you major bragging rights!

Here's how we'll do it! One day each week we'll do a back workout with the following exercises:

1- Lat pull downs

2- Pull overs 

3- Inverted row

These strengthen the muscles you'll need to knock out your pull ups!

3 days later we're doing pull ups!

Go just shy of failure for 4 sets.

Then do a final 5th set until failure.

Rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets.

So now the question is- how many ups can YOU do?!

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