Sweat your way to a slim, sexy summer waist with this 6 minute workout

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We're going to make you sweat with this latest workout— you won't even need to step out into the Texas heat!

Take notes because personal trainer Lindsey Day is challenging all of us to the “Slim in Six!” Give her six minutes to make you sweat! Six exercises. Six minutes of time. We're at Life Time and ready to work!

1- Mountain climbers

Keep your spine straight and alternate jumping your feet up and back.

2- 180 degree jumps

Get as much air as you can! Keep your shoulders back and spine straight as you jump and turn your body 180 degrees.

3- In and out squat jumps

Start with your feet together and jump them apart and squat down in one fluid motion. Make a 90 degree angle at your knees when you're down in the bottom position.

4- Plank to Wall Planks

Keep your whole core tight and body straight as you move your hands from the floor to the wall.

5- Ab V-Crunch

Breath out as you crunch your upper body and legs toward each other.

6- Burpees 

We’re going out with a bang! If you can hang, bust out a full burpee with the pushup.

Otherwise, modify it by taking out the push-up and jump.

I challenge everyone to try the summer celebration slim in 6 today! Shout us out on social media to let us know if you survived!

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