Sculpting perfect arms for tank top season! 

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Tank-top and flip-flop weather is in full swing!

Ladies, we want our arms toned to feel more confident in our sleeve-less shirts. And men, a little extra muscle definition is a nice bonus for the tanks. Personal trainer Lindsey Day is going to help us rock the sleeve-less look this summer!

We're toning for the tanks— with a twist! It's crucial to always switch up your exercises, otherwise you won't get results.

Squat bicep curl into shoulder press

Curl the dumbbells as you push up from your squat. Then press the dumbbells straight over your head.

Spider bicep curl on inclined bench

It's important to keep the upper part of your arm completely still, and get a full range of motion!

Plank three-way shoulder raise

Engage your ab muscles to keep the body as straight and still as possible. Lift the dumbbell straight forward, to the side, and to the back.

Skull crushers

Bring the barbell back as of you're crushing your skull.  Oh but don't actually do that!

Now if you're feeling like a rockstar, bang out as many of these as you can...

Reverse grip pull ups— to work the lats and the biceps!

Do 15 reps of each of those. Rest 1 minute and repeat that circuit a total of 5 times.

Now don't eat cookies all day and expect this to work!

Pair this with a solid nutrition program with protein and veggies ... and you too can be toned for the tanks!


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