ICE raid fears continue in Houston; no mass arrests reported so far

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It’s a tense start to the week for some people as the threat of ICE raids in Houston and other major U.S. cities continues.

FIEL, the local immigrants’ rights group, says it was a quiet Sunday in regard to the raids, but are warning people it may not be over just yet. Operation plans changed and now a smaller scale of apprehensions will start later this week, so the tension continues, according to the New York Times.

Although it was quiet as far as the raids go, local protesters made their voices heard. Over the weekend, hundreds gathered in downtown Houston to protest the ICE raids and detention camps.

You could hear the group chanting “no human is illegal,” and many of them held signs, some saying “we are all immigrants” and others read “make America humane again.”

One protester said this all boils down to morals.

“There’s a great injustice going on," a protester said. "We are being robbed of our morals. The country is going morally corrupt and we can’t stay silent. It’s not fair what’s going on and we’ve seen it happen, obviously, we haven’t learned our lessons from history.”

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez have both spoken out about the raids, Gonzalez saying he doesn’t support them and that the sheriff’s office will not participate.

“I do not support raids against innocent people who have come to this country to escape violence in their homeland or have come here to build a better life for their families," Mayor Sylvester Turner said also sharing his thoughts on the situation. "As mayor, I stand with all Houstonians regardless of their documentation status.”

Turner finished up his statement by reminding Houstonians they are entitled to due process in accordance with the laws of the United States. He also encouraged people to call the Immigration Rights hotline at 1-833-HOU-IMMI for legal help.

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