Inside the hot new yoga trend that’ll shake up your summer workout routine

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Workouts usually get you hot and sweaty, but who needs more of that with this Texas heat?!

We've all heard of YOGA. But have you heard of BOGA?!

It's yoga on a board in the WATER, and there are actually more benefits than you realize!

Personal Trainer Lindsey Day is going to show us how it's done.

We'll see if she has enough balance to avoid falling into the water!

I'm ready for water yoga AKA boga!

I have Randi from Life Time here with me... my amazing BOGA instructor for the day!

OK Randi - I'm scared enough to fall out of my yoga poses on solid ground. Now you're telling me if I fall out I'm dunking myself in water!? Why did someone think this was a good idea?!

RANDI: It's not that bad! It really helps with your core strength! But Lindsey, you don't need your floaties! I've got you!

LINDSEY: Ok let's show everyone how it's done! What's our first pose?

RANDI: We're starting in a plank position. Extend left arm forward and bring your right leg back. Keep your core tight. Breathe! Then switch.

Next we're doing a bridge or wheel. Turn onto your back, place your hands by your head and push through your hands and heels of your feet to push your body off the board.

LINDSEY: Now I'm getting the hang of this! Show us one more!

RANDI: Let's finish with a warrior pose. Bend your front leg to make a 90 degree angle at the knee, and straighten your back leg. Extend your arms out.

LINDSEY: Okay guys, falling was actually fun! Fall and all-I'm sold! I'm officially jumping on the BOGA bandwagon. I'll be back for more!

Check here if you want more info on how you can get some BOGA in your life:


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