TWRC Wildlife Center ‘quacks’ things up in Morning Dose studio

TWRC Wildlife Center brought a friend that is no stranger to "quacking" people up!

Outreach events coordinator Victoria Hepburn and executive director Anja Machado, along with black bellied whistling duck "Mom" and her adorable ducklings with TWRC Wildlife Center shared the importance of sending an injured or orphaned animal to the rehabilitation center.

Black bellied whistling ducks are common migratory ducks of the SE US, Mexico and Costa Rica. They used to be called "Tree Ducks" because they make their nests in tree hollows. Whistling ducks have several different sounding whistles — for alarms or general chatter among the group.

Mom came into TWRC in mid-June, having suffered a head injury As a result of her injury, she has very poor vision and cannot whistle or make any other sounds. She is now acting as a foster mom for several 2-3 week-old ducklings.

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