Meet Wilson the Eagle Owl! Moody Gardens brings Morning Dose a new wildlife friend

Meet the latest Morning Dose guest that everyone in studio is cooing about, Wilson the Eagle Owl.

Wilson is one of many feathered residents who calls Moody Gardens in Galveston home. Native to Europe and Asia, this nighttime creature is often mistaken for its North American cousin, the yellow-eyed great Great Horned Owl, but can be distinguished by its big orange eyes.

Spokesperson Alexis Shelly of Moody Gardens tells us that eagle owls can have a wingspan of up to 6 feet wide and have incredible hearing. In fact, their hearing is so good— these birds can even hear a human heartbeat when sharing a room. Shelly shares interesting facts about eagle owls including their natural habits, dietary habits and more.

Click here to learn how you can visit Wilson and other attractions at Moody Gardens.

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