Cypress brothers, men’s clothing designers chosen for Flying Solo runway show during Paris Fashion Week

A simple desire to create t-shirts, created all of this.

University of Houston students and brothers Samee and Saber Ahmed were visiting some friends in Los Angeles when they decided to get into the t-shirt business, a goal that eventually evolved into a high-end men's clothing and accessories line with international influence and appeal.

Morning Dose's Maggie Flecknoe met Thursday with the brothers who have been selected to participate in the Flying Solo runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Samee, who is the brand's creative director, and Saber, who acts as the company's CEO, tell Maggie how their designs merge the innocence of teen adolescence with the vibes of their hometown, Cypress, Texas.

"It was a flip of the coin. God blessed us with this opportunity," Saber said. "Most importantly, we're excited to rep Houston."

"A lot of our childhood is reflected on a lot of these designs," Samee said holding a pair of red-colored men's pants. "Maggie and I, were talking about the wallet chain here and bring it back from high school. But a lot of our fabrics, they're the highest quality you can find in the world. They were a source for many years, so integrating that childhood in with a higher level of fabrication— that's something we take a lot of pride in."

Besides Cypress and Houston culture, the Ahmeds, pull inspiration from many global influences such as the cuts and minimalism of Japanese modern fashion.

"[Our parents] raised us to be student of the world," Saber said. "This is just a nice little creative output as well as an entrepreneurial venture."

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