CBD-infused lattes and coffee at Houston’s newest pop-up bar

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Morning Dose's Maggie Flecknoe visits Decatur Bar and Pop-up Factory  where a baristas are serving up CBD-infused coffees and relaxing beverages through the weekend. The venue is a relevantly new concept to the Houston scene.

General Manager Bobbie Everett explain the bar is permanent, however, the pop-up portion of the restaurant changes every few months giving customers a different experience throughout the year.

The latest pop-up feature is called Malk BevBar, a temporary coffee shop where clients can enjoy CBD-infused matcha lattes, a special Vietnamese coffee blend and other favorites.

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"There's no THC, so you won't get high. I know a lot of people worry about that," Malk BevBar Operations Manager Abigail Diaz said. "What's great about when you mix matcha or coffee with CBD is that you're focused, and you might have the jitters with a little bit of caffeine, however, with the CBD it kind of goes in and keeps you calm and relaxed, so you're focused. I mean, who doesn't want that?"

Malk Organics,which is hosting the pop-up, is a Houston-based brand that came to the area about five years ago.

"It's one of the only almond milks that is 100% pure and clean. We don't add fillers, preservatives, additives, thickeners— it's literally almonds, water and salt," Diaz said. "It's always going to be organic, kosher, non-GMO. It's a great brand. I'm really proud to work for it. I think that if you're someone who has dietary restrictions or is looking for a better milk alternative, a lot of times alternatives will have secret sugars."

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