Fitness Friday: When stressed out, Stretch Out!

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In today's Fitness Friday, we're throwing a CURVE-BALL in honor of all the STRESS-BALLS out there!

Many don't realize working out is still a form of STRESS on the body! This time of year, we're already getting hit with tons of mental and emotional stress. Sometimes the best thing for us to do when stressed out is to STRETCH OUT!

It's that time of year: Work deadlines approaching, holiday to-do-lists stacking. When stressed out, STRETCH OUT!
Here are a few simple stress-relieving stretches!

As we age our muscles become less pliable and need to be stretched more! A good rule of thumb: Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

1- Runner's Lunge.
Step one foot forward, drop your back knee to the ground. Keep your hips squared forward. This is a great hip opener and quad and hamstring stretch. Reach your hands to the sky if you can!

2- Swan Stretch.
Lay on your stomach. Keep your hips pressed into the ground and peel your upper body off the mat. This is great to do if you have back or posture problems.

3- Child's Pose.
This stretches your spine and shoulders, calms your breathing and clears your mind.

4- Bridge or Wheel.
Finally, in case you're competing in a limbo contest (haha), throw in a beginner's backbend, known as bridge, or an advanced backbend, known as wheel!

You know that saying, "You're as strong as your weakest link"? For all of my weightlifters, you'll find your strength actually increases when you improve your flexibility!

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