Sylvester Turner declares win in runoff election against Tony Buzbee

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HOUSTON — Sylvester Turner has secured a second four-year term after winning 56% of the vote during a runoff election Saturday against high-profile attorney Tony Buzbee.

"It's been a long campaign season, and tonight, that campaign season comes to an end [...] we did not get here, and I did not get to this point by myself," Turner told supporters as votes poured in. "Quite frankly, it's not just about tonight, but it's over the years that I've been involved in public service. And the support that I've received through people and organizations in this city over the years."

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The mayor went on to express gratitude to his family, various faith-based organizations, union leaders, businesses owners, campaign volunteers and political influencers on all levels. Turner was first elected mayor back in 2015 after defeating Bill King in the closest mayoral election in Houston history by percentage.

“If there’s any lesson from this campaign, it’s that you don’t have to have as much money as someone else. You don’t have to live in a house that’s as big as somebody else. You don’t have to drive a car that’s as fancy as someone else. And you can still compete in the same race and you can win,” Turner said. "Let this campaign be a reminder that you can grow up and still live in the 'hood and still be mayor of the fourth largest city in America."

In his second-term, Turner plans to continue working toward a more positive relationship between corporations and labor unions, relational policing, investing in under-served communities and eliminating discrimination based on legal status, sexual orientation, race, faith or qualities.

Despite a projected loss late Saturday, Buzbee did not conceded but admitted the possibility of a win was slim.

"We didn’t really lose, we just ran out of time,” he said. “What we did was not all for naught. Our vision for Houston was heard and we drove the conversation."

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